Chaucer in 2001 – Ressurected! ?>

Chaucer in 2001 – Ressurected!

Mary Wack, Professor Department of English Washington State University Last year I taught an experimental course nicknamed “Electronic Chaucer” that may offer a glimpse of the sorts of resources to be found in Chaucer classrooms in 2001. I’d like to briefly indicate some of the electronic tools I used, including an image archive, and then discuss some of the issues of publishing such an archive. The undergraduate seminar in the Canterbury Tales made use of a variety of electronic tools…

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From Gatehouse to Cathedral: A Photographic Pilgrimage to Chaucerian Landmarks ?>

From Gatehouse to Cathedral: A Photographic Pilgrimage to Chaucerian Landmarks

These pictures, taken between July 1996 and March 1999, make a photographic pilgrimage to various sites that Chaucer would have seen or been associated with in his lifetime, ending with the destination of his pilgrims, Canterbury Cathedral. They show details which link to larger 20-40k, full-frame photographs. York Scenes like these in York have not survived in modern London, but these photos provide glimpses into medieval city life as Chaucer would have lived it. Bootham Bar, York Bootham Bar is…

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Chaucer Woodcut from The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer ?>

Chaucer Woodcut from The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

From a wood engraving by W. H. Hooper, after a design by Edward Burne-Jones, illustrating the Prologue to The Canterbury Tales in The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (London: Kelmscott Press, 1896). From the copy in the Department of Special Collections and Rare Books, University of Minnesota Libraries — part of their complete collection of William Morris’s Kelmscott Press books.
Canterbury Tales Manuscript Images ?>

Canterbury Tales Manuscript Images

Sample images The images provided here are digitized reproductions of the beginning and the end of Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Prologue – a different manuscript version of each. The version that is in color is provided in two different formats. The figure next to each is its size (in bytes). Please select the version that you wish to retrieve.      
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I Don’t Think it’s Just The Kids, Folks… ?>

I Don’t Think it’s Just The Kids, Folks…

Our ignorant kids don’t know how history got us to where we are today. Here’s a remedy… Can you answer the following questions? Who fought in the Peloponnesian War? Who taught Plato, and whom did Plato teach? Who was Saul of Tarsus? Why does the Magna Carta matter? What are one or two of the arguments made in Federalist 10? Hard questions, right? Maybe not.
The Riverside Chaucer ?>

The Riverside Chaucer

The hardback edition of The Riverside Chaucer (1987) costs more than $60 (US) and weighs about eight pounds. Fortunately, there is a paperback edition that weighs less than two pounds. Amazon, for instance, sells the book at a 20% discount, for a little under $13. If you add on the cost of shipping, this comes to about $20 (US), depending where you live and on the day you order. To be sure, the paperback is not as durable as the…

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