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  Medieval Studies

Taming the Labyrinth
A capsule guide to the major sites.

The Labyrinth
Well-organized collection of texts, links, images, and teaching resources.

A database of links, intentionally selective.

Online Resource Book (ORB) for Medieval Studies
Links, as well as an online encyclopedia of original, peer-reviewed articles.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
Primary texts, most in translation.

An index to online medieval studies resources.
Addresses, homepages; current projects; recent publications; conference calendar; mailing lists; bibliographies; texts, sources, online MSS; fonts; reference works.

Voice of the Shuttle
A monster directory of online humanities resources.

MEDTEXTL archives
Search the archives of the Medieval Texts discussion group (perhaps the most learned constellation of scholars on the internet).

Chaucer Sites
18 July 2008

Joseph Wittig
Chaucer MetaPage
Links to other sites, organized by topic: Chaucer sites, Chaucer's works and language, bibliography, life and times. Newly redesigned with useful annotation.

Thomas Bestul
An online academic discussion group. Includes instructions for subscribing, as well as an FAQ sheet, by Laura Hodges, for newcomers and students. Researching a topic for paper? Check the searchable archive first; you may well find that your topic has already been covered in some detail.

Larry D. Benson et al.
Harvard Chaucer Page
Probably the richest single collection of materials for reading Chaucer online. Marred somewhat by poorly rendered and unnecessary images, it includes syllabi (for a general education course on Chaucer, as well as a Chaucer course for English majors); the Middle English text of all the tales, with introductions and links to selected articles; an excellent chronology of Chaucer's life, with links to brief articles and relevant documents (e.g., the record of Chaucer's testimony at the Scrope-Grosvenor trial); brief articles on the authors Chaucer read (as well as the authors who imitated Chaucer); brief explanations of medieval astronomy and physiology; documents describing (and sometimes prescribing) life and manners in the fourteenth century; a glossarial database of Chaucer and Gower's English poetry; and a tutorial on Middle English syntax and pronunciation.

Rutgers University
The New Chaucer Society
Publishes Studies in the Age of Chaucer (SAC), and hosts the SAC annotated bibliography.

Daniel T. Kline
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Electronic Canterbury Tales
A dense but stylish summation of all that's new and useful for studying Chaucer on the web and teaching him in the classroom. Regularly updated.

Anniina Jokinen
Luminarium (Chaucer)
Probably the most complete collection of Chaucer links on the web, updated regularly. Also includes some original content (e.g., an annotated bibliography on the Nun's Priest's Tale, medium-resolution reproductions of MS. pages illustrating various aspects of the Tales).

Jane Zatta
Canterbury Tales Page
Commentaries, illustrated from medieval MSS., on the background to the Knight's Tale, the Miller's Tale, the Man of Law's Tale, the Clerk's Tale, the Second Nun's Tale, the Friar's Tale, the Nun's Priest Tale, the Reeve's Tale, the Franklin's Tale, the Wife of Bath's Tale, and Chaucer's Tale of Melibee.

Alan Baragona
Baragona's Chaucer Page
Links to texts, bibliographies, and miscellaneous sites on subjects that fill in the intellectual background to Chaucer's poetry: Boethius, the Bible, Gower, Dante, Lollardy, and fourteenth-century music. Includes excellent instructions for using the online bibliographies of Studies in the Age of Chaucer and Chaucer Review.

Michael Hanly
Chaucer Scriptorium
"This page was created for a graduate Chaucer seminar at Washington State University (English 555) in Spring semester, 1996." Although Hanly's site contains a useful set of Chaucer-related links, it is chiefly remarkable for the class handouts it makes available: a grab-bag of medieval lore; an outline of fourteenth-century history; a Chaucer bibliography; notes and study questions for an exam; and a transcript of oral reports from a graduate seminar.

Claire Jones
The Canterbury Tales Project
An attempt to transcribe and reproduce all known witnesses to the Canterbury Tales on CD-ROM. Available to date: The Wife of Bath's Prologue and General Prologue, from Cambridge University Press. Site also includes an essay on new approaches to the problems associated with editing Chaucer. See also Robinson's "New methods of editing, exploring, and reading The Canterbury Tales," an illustrated article that describes the methods, goals, and preliminary findings of the Project.

Susan K. Hagen, ORB Online Encyclopedia
Chaucer: A Guide to Online Resources
Chiefly remarkable for the original essays hosted at the site, including Hagen's own piece on "Team Teaching Middle English Literature with Flannery O'Connor."

Edwin Duncan
Course materials (syllabus, handouts, assignments), links to electronic texts, bibliographies, and online glossaries.

Bonnie Duncan
Chaucer Home
Course materials (syllabus, reserve list), links to electronic texts, bibliographies, biographical sketches, images, audio clips, historical background, critical essays, and student projects.

Linda Voigts, University of Missouri--Kansas City
Engelond: Resources for 14th-Century English Studies
"Engelond supports the research of students in Dr. Linda Ehrsam Voigts' Chaucer (English 412/512) and Medieval Literature II (English 555A) courses at the University of Missouri-Kansas City...These pages contain syllabi for both courses, links to Internet resources (including web sites, news groups and online discussion groups relevant to medieval studies), a guide to evaluating both online and print research tools, a list of materials held on reserve at Miller Nichols Library for the use of these classes, and links to the MERLIN Library Catalog and a wide range of databases available through the University Libraries. Audio/Visual resources include RealAudio streams of Dr. Voigts reading from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde. Also included is Joshua Merrill's 'From Gatehouse to Cathedral: A Photographic Pilgrimage to Chaucerian Landmarks.'"

Birmingham University
MA in Chaucer Studies
"The MA in Chaucer Studies is available full-time (over one academic year) or part-time (with evening teaching) over two years, and aims to familiarise students with the entire range of Chaucer's work, as well as with relevant literary and historical contexts and with the history and development of Chaucer criticism."

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