This list is, of necessity, selective and concentrates on the fourteenth century. For the middle ages as a whole, see further the medieval studies megasites linked in the sidebar at right.

Larger sites devoted to multiple aspects of late medieval life and literature. Also includes Bonnie Duncan’s Chaucer chronology and Jane Zatta’s commentary on the Canterbury Tales in context.

Outline histories, sometimes illustrated, of the major events of the fourteenth century (e.g., the Black Death, the Hundred Years War, the Papal Schism, the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381).

Political philosophy, social structure, religion, cookery, and the court.

Chaucer’s fellow poets: predecessors, contemporaries, imitators; English, French, and Italian.

The route presumably followed by Chaucer’s pilgrims and what they would have seen when they arrived.

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Medieval Studies

Taming the Labyrinth
A capsule guide to the major sites.

The Labyrinth
Well-organized collection of texts, links, images, and teaching resources.

A database of links, intentionally selective.

Online Resource Book (ORB) for Medieval Studies
Links, as well as an online encyclopedia of original, peer-reviewed articles.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
Primary texts, most in translation.

An index to online medieval studies resources.

Voice of the Shuttle
A monster directory of online humanities resources.