The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer
The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer: A Critical Biography. By Derek Pearsall. Blackwell, 1992. 336pp. A thoughtful meditation on the poet’s life and works, drawn from documentary sources. This book is available from Amazon.

Harvard Chaucer Page
Brief Chronology of Chaucer’s Life
with links to brief articles and extracts from the Life Records on topics such as the Hundred Years’ War and the receipt for Chaucer’s ransom.

Chronology of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Life and Times
One column shows events in Chaucer’s life, another shows events in political and intellectual history.

Louise Imogen Guiney
Geoffrey Chaucer
Biographical sketch from The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913). Old, not entirely reliable (or, on matters such as Chaucer’s adherence to Wycliffe, unbiased), but nonetheless useful.

Bonnie Duncan
Biographical Information
A page of broken links. (Not Dr. Duncan’s fault, of course. A suggestion, though, to those who place course materials on the web: your class may have no further need of them, but if you leave them on the server for others to use, your labors will be multiplied.)

Lee Patterson
Chaucer and the Subject of History
Text of an introductory lecture on the Canterbury Tales, which argues that the political upheavals of the 1380s “shook Chaucer loose from an aristocratic culture that he was already finding less and less satisfactory as a context for both artistic production and for life.” Develops a footnote in his chapter on the Miller’s Tale in Chaucer and the Subject of History.

Bobby Chan (?)
The Raptus of Cecily Champain
Drawing on the Life-Records as interpreted by Donald Howard (1987) and Derek Pearsall (1992), attempts to pin down the meaning of raptus in a legal document of 1 May 1380.